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Where do you work?

We work mainly in London. We will consider work outside London.

Do you do commercial work?

Yes, we are doing more and more commercial work.

Do you charge an initial visit fee?

Unlike other garden designers, we do not charge to visit potential customers.

What happens in the first meeting?

The initial meeting is very informal and relaxed. It's a chance for you to get to know more about us and see examples of our work, whilst we take a full brief of what you are looking for in your new garden.

After the meeting you will receive a written estimate detailing the brief and giving you an appropriate figure of how much it will cost to design and build your garden.

How much will it cost to have my garden redesigned and built?

It depends on the standard of materials you want to use, the size of your garden and the complexity of the design.

Typically to design and build a small garden you are looking to spend a minimum of 10,000. Our design fees start from as little as 700.

If I do want olivebay to design and build my garden, what happens next?

We will first carry out a full garden survey before creating a design based on the brief we took in the initial meeting.

Then we will meet to discuss our ideas for your garden and show you the first version of the design. We will make any changes you wish and ask you to agree the changes before drawing the final designs.

We will then meet to discuss our construction process. At the meeting, we will discuss how we work, agree the start build date and show you samples of the materials we would like to use.

How long will it take to build my garden?

It depends on the size of your garden and the complexity of the design. On average a garden will take 6 weeks to build.

What about planting?

We will discuss the type of plants you like at the initial meeting. At the first design meeting we will show you pictures of the style of planting that we would like to use in your garden.

We offer to take our clients to specialist nurseries to look at our chosen style of planting.

Do you have past customers that I can speak to about your work?

Yes, we have a list of customers that have acted as references in the past and would be happy to speak to you.


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